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Ben Rogers’ Favorite Android Apps

My Google Nexus 7

My awesome Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet

[Bold apps below are PAID]

(NEW!) AutoApps – Launchpad service to view and manage all the various Tasker addons that make your Android do incredible things

(NEW!) Chromecast – Companion app for people with Chromecast TV sticks. I love this application because it supports Android device screen mirroring, so you can view your phone, in full, on your massive TV!

(NEW!) Easy Voice Recorder – High quality voice recorder that exports to amazing set of filetypes and can also only record when there is audio, allowing it to edit your recordings as-you-record! Highly recommend buying the full version!

(NEW!) Google Fit – Awesome way to keep track of your fitness and it syncs up with data from other apps like RunKeeper.

(NEW!) Link Bubble Browser – You know Chat Heads like Facebook Messenger has? Well this app will load URLs into Chat Head bubbles that allow you to continue reading on your app until the website has loaded. This is one of those apps that should come on Android by default, and will end up saving you hours in a single year! Honestly, just buy the Pro version!

(NEW!) Smart IR Remote – AnyMote – control your TV, or any device with an infrared input

(NEW!) SMS Backup & Restore – backup all your SMS and MMS conversations in a super portable and easy-to-restore format. Highly recommend purchasing the full version of this app as well, I did!

(NEW!) Swarm by Foursquare – This is essentially the new Foursquare, and it is really awesome. Makes checking into places really fun, with little icons too!


ABBYY TextGrabber + Translator – Amazing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) app that takes a photo of text and renders the full text in a copyable format.

AirDroid – Access files on your Android from any computer

Andmade Share – Huge selection of share-to shortcuts

AppBrain App Market – View Daily app deals, hot apps…

AppSales. Best Apps on Sale – This app aggregates current app sales and notifies you when popular paid apps have dropped in price. The app itself is very well designed, with a fancy UI and quicklinks right to Google Play. You can also filter the app’s notifications by price drop, minimum downloads, and minimum rating so you don’t get notified when bad apps drop their price.

AutoBarcode – A Tasker plugin that allows your phone to ‘trigger something’ when you scan specific QR codes. For example, you could have a QR code in your meeting notebook and when you scan it, it will turn off sound, place your phone on vibrate, and open up your meeting agenda.

AutoRemoteMy personal App Of The Month for August 2012 – This application allows you to control Tasker through a web browser. Text through your browser, control your music playback, ANYTHING! A desktop application has also been developed that allows you to receive messages from your phone.

AutoShortcut – A Tasker plugin that works with other apps you have installed already and brings up their share intents. Great way to automate inter-app sharing.

Battery (by MacroPinch) – excellent battery status display

Battery Widget? Reborn! Beta – Amazing holo-themed battery circle widget. The app itself gives you some great battery information including temperature, time to full, time to empty, and other goodies!

BetterBatteryStats – See what apps drain your battery

BeyondPod PRO – Ben’s favorite podcast player

Buffer – Schedule Twitter Posts

Call Confirm – Very lightweight application that pops up when calling a contact (from ANY app). This is to make sure that you don’t accidentally dial a number you wouldn’t have otherwise made.

Camera FV-5 Lite – The only camera that seems to be able to take long-exposure shots (for light painting, milky way, vehicle lights…). Thanks to @floriidaaa for showing me the app!

Camera ZOOM FX – My camera app of choice

Cameringo Demo. Effects Camera – a full-featured camera application that has countless live-photo filters such as mirror mode and tiny planet mode! I have been using this camera for most of my recent Foursquare shots.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator – Brilliant smart scanner app that lets you take a photo of a document, crops it automatically, re-colors it, then converts it into a fully-share-able PDF! I recommend buying the PRO version, it’s worth it!

Chrome – The Google Chrome browser. This browser syncs open tabs and history with your desktop Google Chrome browser. It is also the ONLY browser that allows you to use the “Pin This” Pinterest bookmarklet, enabling any site you visit access to pin from it!

Cloud Print – Ability to view printed documents, receive prints as a printer itself, and print new documents to another device (or the Google Docs cloud).

CircleLauncher – One single widget that opens many apps in a circle

Clipper – Clipboard Manager – Multiple clipboard entry keeper, very impressive UI. TINY memory usage!

Dolphin Browser HD – Greatest web browser ever!

doubleTwist Player – Gives PowerAMP a run for its money, because of its ratings features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have crossfade, gapless, or a very good albumart display, but it makes up for this with: the ability to rate your music /5 stars and create dynamic smart playlists, such as playing only 4&5 star songs. Awesome!


Dropsync PRO – Full automatic sync with Dropbox. Amazing! As if you have desktop DropBox installed on your phone!

Email Me – Automate, generate, compose, and send emails directly from the app. Perfectly integrated with Tasker so emails can be dynamically sent from virtually any app! I use this app to email myself reminders and to-dos from anywhere. FYI: the pro version is worth it.

ES File Explorer – My favorite file viewer (with the greatest image viewer too)

Evernote – Remembers everything, from to-do lists to favorite websites. Excellent note taking app.

eWeather HD, Barometer, Alerts – The must-have weather app for any weather geeks. This is an incredible app that details every single thing you could possibly want from the weather… predictions per hour, 10 day, 48 hour, earthquake notifications, real-time “feels like” weather notifications, and much more. Beautifully designed UI. Well worth the price. I’ve tried all the weather apps for Android and this is my favorite!

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate FORM – The best PDF reader for filling in PDF fillable forms and converting to PDFs

Facebook Messenger – Truly one of the best instant messengers for Android. I can chat in browser, continue the conversation on my phone, then finish the conversation on my tablet without losing a beat. Excellent and quick. Also displays “typing” notifications when your recipient is typing.

Firefox – Great browser for testing local HTML

Foursquare – Gamification of local businesses and places. Allows you to “check in” to places you go and get points. Makes getting outside fun, encourages you to go on walks, try out different stores, and more.

FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root) – Amazing app that allows me to choose when to enable tethering, without needing to go into the phone’s access point settings. This is a great way to tether your phone on and off throughout the day, and not needing to reset your phone to re-enable it. I highly recommend purchasing the PRO version.

Friendcaster for Facebook – Facebook replacement

FsIntents – Foursquare auto-checkins through Tasker

GetGlue – social media where you post what movies/tv you are watching


Glowfly – Popup SMS text message notifications and replies directly from the popup. Also has a neat little feature that lets you prepare canned responses for future texts.

Google Camera – The only app that lets you take fully-Google+ integrated photospheres, as well as a beautiful new “focus camera” that uses motion of your phone to calculate a perfect depth of field.

Google Chrome to Phone – post what you have open on chrome, opens directly on your phone. (Can be done with AutoRemote instead)

Google Goggles – take a photo of something, Google will tell you what it is!

Google Opinion Rewards – A neat surveying app by Google that asks you a couple “strange seeming” questions every week and actually rewards you with Google Play credits for answering them.

gReader (Google Reader | RSS) – My favorite Google Reader RSS feed reader. Syncs with Google Reader and has great features. FYI: the pro version is totally worth buying!

Grocery King Shopping List – Grocery list keeper that supports camera barcode scanning, price lists, custom items, simple UI and store listings.

iDisplay – Amazing multi-screen productivity app that turns your Android tablet or phone into a multi-monitor display for your home computer or laptop. All you need to do is connect the app to the wi-fi network and open the desktop app. Incredible!

IFTTT – Control your phone’s various features from web triggers across popular services like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Instagram – Photo editing and social website

Jota Text Editor – The best text editor, works great with DropSync

Jump Desktop Free (RDP & VNC) – My favorite VNC (remote connect) tool for remotely logging into my computer from my phone

LastPass for Dolphin HD

LastPass Password MGR Premium – The last password you will ever need! Remembers all your logins and passwords, then associates each login with the website so you can autologin to the site with one click!

Light Flow Lite – LED Control – Complete LED hardware control. The ability to change your system LED notification light to any color, based on notification type. For example, if you receive a text, blink green. If you receive a Reddit reply, blink red. So many advanced options. I highly recommend purchasing the full version.

Meetup – The official Meetup networking app. I use this to check my upcoming meetups and post to the website and communicate publically with the other members. Also, when the event is live, this app acts as a photocamera app, posting photos in realtime to the event page on the website. Awesome!

Message Delayer – Set text messages to auto-send every X days… (can be done with Tasker instead)

Moon Phase Pro – Excellent space app – displays realtime information about the moon such as moonrise, moonset, calendar of phases, and a 3D representation of the current moon.

MyScript Calculator – SOLVE FOR X by drawing equations in this simple and dynamic super-calculator!

Network Signal Speed Booster – Incredible little app that will run diagnostics on your current cell connection, then refresh your cell towers. It actually boosts your signal and will give you more bars on your phone. I am still astounded how well the app works. I actually paid for the full version because it works so well.

NFC ReTAG FREE – This NFC app allows you to write special codes to your NFC tags that allow commands to run on Tasker. The possibilities are nearly endless when you add the functionality of Tasker with the ease of NFC. In other words, any Tasker task can be run by simply scanning a configured NFC tag.  I highly recommend purchasing the PRO version.

Ninja SMS – A tiny, pop-out SMS client that notifies you when specified users text you – allowing you to reply in a tiny popup. In other words, you can view notifications and text reply your friends when still playing a full-screen game. Lots of neat options and even transparency!

Nova Launcher – The greatest launcher I have used. Makes your phone faster and has so many cool features such as: Widgets in your App Dock, homescreen gestures, backing up your launcher setting, customizing the animations…

Orientation Control – This app allows you to control your screen rotation orientation and force-lock landscape mode, reverse-landscape… even reverse-portrait! The app can be easily activated by holding down the “search” hardware button and selecting your desired rotation lock!

Overlays – floating – This app creates a semi-transparent overlay over part of your screen where you can run live widgets overtop of any other running app. For example, you can have a brightness slider appear when a YouTube video is playing or a widget of your emails when playing a game. The options are really simple to set up and the combinations of ideas is endless!

Paper Camera – take really artistic photos

Pebble – Manage your Pebble Smartwatch apps and watchfaces right from this app. Perform firmware upgrades across your Bluetooth connection as well

Perfectly Clear for Android – This photo editing app will do a whole bunch of amazing touch-ups to your photos and features this amazing before & after slider so you can see what your photo looks like in real-time. Very professional app for simplistic photo corrections.

Pinterest – Now I can post new pins (from the share menu) in any browser!

Pixlr Express – Amazing photo editing suite by the makers of AutoCAD, Autodesk.

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker – The best music player I have used on Android. Brilliant album art display, crossfade, gapless play, EQ, easy to use controls and more.

Presto Sound Library Open Beta – Play audiobooks and podcasts at 1.5x or even 2x!!!!

Pushover – Receive push notifications in real-time as events happen, directly on your phone. This app utilizes the awesome IFTTT to send instant notifications to your phone on an unlimited amount of topics. For example, you can receive a notification when Canada wins a gold medal, when your favorite tweeter posts a new tweet, when your favorite band uploads a new video… so many customizations!

QR Droid – scan QR codes, even make your own!

Quickoffice – Excellent office suite that you can fit in your pocket! Gives you 2gb more space in Google Drive and syncs flawlessly.

Reading Trainer – Guided training and games to help you learn how to speed read. Incremental lessons will train you to become a faster reader in no time!

reddit is fun – The best Reddit application I have ever used! Everything you want to see in a Reddit app that you expect from the web interface. FYI: the pro version is absolutely worth the money!

Runkeeper – Track your runs, walks, biking trips… Plots your route on GPS, presents you with distance and calorie calculations

S Note – Native note taking and quicknote app on my Galaxy Note. Integrates with the S Pen to create notes at the touch of the pen and many more amazing features. Export your notes to PDFs, collect your notes in groups, email your notes… the list goes on.

Screen Filter – Amazing brightness controls, superb for reading a text in the dark or before a movie…

Scrobble Droid – post what you are currently listening to Last.FM and get recommendations for your favorite bands!

Secure Settings – Allows me to turn on my Android phone screen through Tasker

Sleep as Android – Incredible sleep tracking app that gives you a plethora of graphs and suggestions based on your sleep patterns. It comes packed up with neat ways to wake you up, such as shake to wake and others. It also warns you when it is time for bed, records your voice and movement when sleeping.

Smart Statusbar – allows you to access the statusbar (notification bar) when it is hidden by a fullscreen app!

Smart Tools – distance calculator, flashlight, decibel meter, level…

Smart Voice Recorder – Excellent tool for recording concerts, comedy shows, or other live events. Also has a really cool feature to skip out empty sound, so only voice is recorded. Exports all recordings in compatible mp3 formats, and allows you to set the bitrate of each recording if you’re interested in higher quality audio (or your phone supports noise cancellation with dual microphones)

Snapseed – Without a doubt, the best photo editing suite for Android. I can’t get enough Snapseed!

Software Data Cable – similar to AirDroid – allows your phone to become an FTP Server.

Songza – Streaming music application with the biggest selection of channels (from music type to feelings). My current favorite channel is: Summer Synths.

SoundCloud – An incredible streaming music player that allows you access the massive community of open sounds and songs on the SoundCloud social network. This app allows you to “love” and “comment” on any sound you like and has quickly become one of my most-used music streaming apps, excellent for discovering new bands.

SoundHound – similar to Shazam, but better!

Super Video, Floating & Popup – watch a video while browsing the internet or reading a book!!!

Swipe Home Button – Allows you to control what happens when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You can create gestures to launch different apps as well. For example, a long swipe up from the bottom of your screen will go to your homescreen, whereas a swipe up then down can run a specific Tasker command.

Swype – Absolutely amazing keyboard. Swipe through your keyboard to link keys together  forming the word. Once you use Swype for a couple hours you will never want to go back to a regular keyboard!

Tasker – Control ANYTHING! Take a photo when you unlock your phone, turn on wi-fi when near home, tether internet when near tablet… so many customizations!

TerraTime – Space application that shows you the current location of the moon, the sun, the sunset, moonset, moonrise, sunrise. It also shows you some really cool visuals and a live wallpaper, map, and more!

Transparent Screen – you can text and walk with this one! – uses your back camera to display video of it transparently on screen while operating phone.

tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client – Download torrents from your Android phone using any wi-fi connection (even your data connection). Files are placed in your SD card, ready to use!


Twicca – The most feature-rich and easy-to-use Twitter client for Android. No need to worry about the Falcon Pro tokens on this one either!

Twilight – Helps you sleep better by taking out the alarming blue light from your phone. Really works! Automatically enables at set times of the day. Think of this as f.lux for Android.

Unshorten – One of those apps that should come with Android itself. This app appears as a browser when opening a link. When you select it, it will unpack the link url (be it or or tinyurl…) and will display what actual site the link goes to. Supports a ton of different shorteners and works perfectly. Great way to ensure you are always opening valid / secure links.

Vine – 6-second video creator and viewer. Excellent way to get filmography ideas, and see what is trending in the videosphere.

VLC for Android Beta – watch movies at 2x speed (with audio!!!!!!!!)

Wave – The most beautiful, amazing and customizable live wallpaper for Android.  So many options to choose from. The look of this app was based off of the Sony PlayStation UI elements.

Wave Control – Swipe your hand over your phone and skip to next song…

Widget Locker – Add ANY widget to your lockscreen. Really cool and visually pleasing lockscreen. Lots of settings.

Winnipeg Bus Live  – Winnipeg, Manitoba realtime bus schedule. This application lists nearby bus stops and will list how long until the next bus (in real time!).

WOL Wake on LAN WAN – wake your computers (or server) from anywhere in the world!

Word Lens – Realtime, augmented reality translator! You hold your phone up to text (for example, a French sign) and it will translate it to your native language in realtime! A truly remarkable app you just have to try!

WordPress – Great pocket blogging application with recent updates to the statistics display.

Zombies Run! – Fun run-logging application (like RunKeeper) that uses your running data to collect objects like bandages and axes. These objects can be added to your ‘base’. Finally, when running you hear zombies chasing after you, so it makes you run faster and gives you incentive and fun to run more often!

Have a question? Ask @BenRogersWPG on Twitter for all your Android questions!

Comments on: "Ben Rogers’ Favorite Android Apps" (23)

  1. mkozakewich said:

    Hey, this is great! One of the things we’re really lacking today is good lists of all the applications that aren’t shit.

    What does it tell you that I ended up getting Screen Filter just before I’d read this? There are some really good apps out there.
    (Honestly, I’ll be referring Screen Filter to everyone with an OLED screen. It works amazingly.)

    • Thanks Michael! It was nice speaking to you again at the Secret Handshake. I know! I use Screen Filter all the time. Especially when at movies or something. I’m so glad you got a Note II as well, one of the best smartphones on the market today!
      I’ll be adding a lot of apps sometime next week, as I write the new app list additions each month. This month I had lots of time over my January vacation to test out apps, so there will be many!

      • mkozakewich said:

        I’d really like to see moree free utilities. If all something does is rotate your home screen, there’s no reason I should have to pay for that. I suppose some of my woes will be solved when I get deeper into Android development.

  2. Wow..great list ..loved reading your post….thanks for liking my post dear

  3. Love your applications….You made them or you are just suggesting them as good ?

  4. Fantastic list of apps, bookmarked ready for a re-read and some downloading tomorrow.

  5. Cool 🙂 I’m always looking for new stuff to try on my phone and my tablet.

  6. Awesome list of Android apps you have created for the beneficial of us Android users. Thanks.

  7. Great list, Ben! Thanks muchly! Cher

  8. […] Some are heavy hitters but some are hidden gems. Ben maintains a blog with the clever name Ben Rogers Blog. Ben’s collection will keep you busy on your Android […]

  9. thanks Ben…I mostly use just camera apps to give abstracty effects and haven’t ventured out to other types of apps. So this list and your blog will be really helpful. Gotta go try out some of them now!

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